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: controlling wood supply chain from forest to client without intermediaries
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About the plant and technologies


We supply kiln dryed square edged timber all over the world. For any purpose, in accordance with GOST.
We know exactly how much raw materials we can log from the forest and bring to the plant, that’s why we always give real dates of supplies to our clients. We observe the technical rules of machine servicing and expertly prepare the cutting tools.
  • own forest areas,
  • own machinery,
  • own logistics,
  • accuracy at every step of production.

Our product is sold to more than 30 countries in 3 continents

We send final timber from the plant by automobile, railway, river transport. An expert from the sales department can help to choose the most favorable and convenient logistics route of delivering anywhere in the world.
Supply geography for 2023
  • China — 50%
  • Middle East — 15%
  • Russia — 15%
  • Egypt — 5%
  • India, SEA — 5%
  • North Africa — 5%
  • Others — 5%
We produce 12 000 m³ of kiln dried timber every month

Red October — timber plant with a century-old history.

In 2000 the plant raised a foreign investment and since then it’s committed to intensive development and compliance with international standards of logging and woodworking.

By 2017 we’ve turned around the processor chain, have installed advanced equipment for logging and primary wood processing.

Aleksandr Susloparov, CEO of LLC «Red October»
Aleksandr Susloparov
CEO of LLC «Red October»
+7 (342) 256-40-50, ext. 501
Andrey Shishkin, Director RO Forest (forestry department)
Andrey Shishkin
Director RO Forest (forestry department)
+7 (342) 256-40-50, ext. 502
Nikolay Podkin, Director RO Timber (sawn timber department)
Nikolay Podkin
Director RO Timber (sawn timber department)
+7 (342) 256-40-50, ext. 577
Maxim Baimirzaev, Head of veneer and plywood production
Maxim Baimirzaev
Head of veneer and plywood production
+7 (342) 256-40-50, ext. 504
Stavros Hadjiyiannis, Commercial Director of LLC «Red October»
Stavros Hadjiyiannis
Commercial Director of LLC «Red October»
+7 (342) 256-40-50, ext. 540. Сommercial department, Tel.: + 7 (342) 256-40-20
Sergey Tyabin, Head of timber sales department
Sergey Tyabin
Head of timber sales department
+7 (342) 256-40-50, ext. 515. Сommercial department, Tel.: + 7 (342) 256-40-20
Dmitry Pashkovsky, new technologies and development
Dmitry Pashkovsky
new technologies and development
+7 (342) 256-40-50, ext. 503
Ilyas Zakiev, Chief Logistics Specialist
Ilyas Zakiev
Chief Logistics Specialist
+7 (342) 256-40-50, ext. 557

Quality certificates

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C24 Attestation of Quality of Production Control
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C24 Attestation of Quality of Production Control
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Company history

July 29, 1909. Laying of the foundation stone of a grand saw mill of Ekaterina Balashova.

July 9, 1910. Opening of the saw mill.

1928. In honour of the Great October Socialist Revolution and for high manufacturing achievements the plant took name «Red October».
After World War II engineers of the plant invented a a brand new design concept bark peeling machine. Machine allowed to peel frozen wood without preliminary preparation in warm pool.

Also a new method of saws preparation was utilised and it caused increasing of their operating life; a new method of stacking in a single package.
1992. Privatization. The government plant became a private property.

2000. Foreign investors became business owners. The company took an aim at intensive development of production.

2003. The first long-term lease of forest area contract was made (Gornozavodsk forest area).
2005. Drying complex consisting of 8 kilns Baschild (Italy) with output over 80 000 m³ of timber per year was brang into production.

2007. A break-stone transfer complex based on Elkayam equipment (Israel) was brang into production.

2009. Boiler station on the base of water-heating boiler Komkont (Belarus) with 2.5 MW of power, which uses bark as a fuel was brang into production.

2010. Raw material grade line Timbermatic (Finland) with output over 300 000 m³ of round wood per year was brang into production.
The business development project was included to the list of the top investment projects in the sphere of forest exploitation in Russian Federation. 2 timber cutting complexes KOMATSU Forest (Sweden) was brang into production.

Own logging company was started.

The second part of boiler station on the base of water-heating boiler Komkont (Belarus) with 5 MW of power was brang into production.
September 17, 2013. New saw mill was put into service officially. After 103 years Soderhamn Eriksson company (Sweden) was chosen as a core equipment supplier.

2014. Spring. Sawlog materials supply from the northern districts of region by rafts down the Kama river was renewed.

Summer. 4 additional drying kilns Baschild (Italy) were installed.

Autumn. New support service vehicles was bought: loading crane TEREX FUCHS (Germany) and buldozer KOMATSU (Japan) for own logging development, front loader Kawasaki (Japan) for the break-stone transfer section.

June 12, 2015. Tool grinding machinery Vollmer (Germany) и Forzienne (France) was bought and installed for preparation of log band and disc saws.
January 9. The third logging complex KOMATSU Forest (Sweden) was recieved.

March 30. A new clampshell-type log loader VOLVO L180H High Lift (Sweden) was placed into service.

May. In the course of upgrading timber grade line ROSENS (Sweden) was equipped with automatic measuring system for evaluation of quality and board optimization Boardmaster Nova of FINSCAN company (Finland).

July. 3 additional drying kilns Baschild (Italy) were installed. The newest drying complex control system ZOOM of Baschild company (Italy) was installed. Total productivity of the complex was raised up to 120 000 m³ of timber per year.

October. Boiler station upgrading — power was raised up to 12.5 MW.

November. Assembling and launching of dust suppression system Freshwind (Finland) in the saw mill.
May 12. The second part of cutting tools preparation area was launched; start of log band saws production and reconditioning on the base of Vollmer company (Germany) technology.

June. Utility machinery park JCB (Great Britain) was bought for the purposes of cleaning and providing of amenities at the plant.

August 7. The fourth logging complex and autograder John Deer (Finland, USA) were bought.

3rd quarter. Total renovation of the plant management building.
Bracking automated line ROSENS (Sweden) expansion: installation of 20 additional sorting boxes. Upgrading of wood-sawing line Soderhamn Eriksson (Sweden): installation of a laser monitoring system of the output production sizes Vision Control; increasing in core equipment productivity.
Start of realization of a new investment project in the sphere of forest exploitation: construction of a plant in production of peeled veneer; construction of a biofuel power and heating plant.
Launching of the first part of peeled veneer production and heating plant, introduction of new products of «Red October» into the market.
Launching of the second part of peeled veneer production and heating plant, start of own electricity production.
Installation of equipment for glued wood production, introduction of new products of «Red October» into the market.